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Money Savings – one of the many benefits of ClearWheels

Clearwheels truck on the road

One of the many benefits of ClearWheels is that it is so reasonably priced at only £69.99 + VAT.

Its reasonable price is not the only cost benefit to you and your company. Every time you use your ClearWheels you are saving yourself time, and time is money.


Whenever debris becomes caught between wheels, the usual action is to call out your service department or Tyre Repair Company. The average cost of a national tyre company to attend site to remove and replace the wheel is around £125.00 + VAT.

Once the wheels have been removed, they will need a re-torque after travelling 50 or 60 kilometres. Inconvenience time and time again.


The costs soon mount up:

  • Call-out costs of your breakdown service provider.
  • Costs associated with your vehicle being delayed, loss of earnings.
  • Costs associated with down time whilst awaiting rescue and repair.
  • Time loss due to re-torque.

ClearWheels will pay for itself

It is a fact that your ClearWheels system would pay for itself the first time it was used. With a ClearWheels device in each of your HGV cabs, considerable savings will be made each year on call-out costs and the costs of your fleet and drivers in down time.

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