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The risks of trapped debris between twin wheels


One of the primary concerns for vehicle operators is the health and safety of their employees. Off road operations have a unique set of problems including debris becoming stuck in-between the twin wheels of the vehicle. Unfortunately this is a common problem for HGVs that work off road on unfinished surfaces such as building sites, quarries, landfill sites etc. Obviously debris, bricks, wooden blocks and any other objects should be removed before the vehicle returns to the highway.

This is where Health and Safety could be compromised.

when a driver opts to remove debris manually, they put themselves at risk. HGV tyres operate under very high pressures so using a hammer or a bar to forcefully dislodge debris can cause injury. The driver is at risk of broken bones, strains and flying debris.

The safe option from ClearWheels

The simple device from Clearwheels allows a driver to quickly and safely remove debris using the vehicle’s own weight as leverage. Comprising of a length of chain with lengths of webbing strap at either end.

All the driver needs to do is feed the chain around the back of the object. The straps are then placed in front of the leading wheels or behind the trailing ones and drive either forwards or backwards (depending again on which set of wheels has trapped the object).

The benefits of ClearWheels

Portable – The ClearWheels comes with its own storage pack and can be housed in the vehicle cab.


Easy to use – Only a small amount of training is required to use the ClearWheels safely and effectively

Safe – the ClearWheels system allows safe removal of debris. Drivers are protected from injury by trying to remove objects manually and by force.

The ClearWheels system is available to buy today for only £69.99 + VAT.

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