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Time is money – the key features of ClearWheels

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Time is money, and one of the key features of the ClearWheels is that it is proven to save our customers a lot of wasted time.

Up until recently there were two main approaches for debris removal from between twin wheels – both used up a lot of time:

  • Manual removal – It can take quite a lot of time to dislodge debris with a hammer or bar. Even more time if this action results in injury from flying debris.
  • Awaiting rescue – It is more usual (and safer) for the driver to report the debris and then for the haulage firm to arrange for their chosen breakdown/repair outfit to get to the stricken vehicle, remove the wheel and debris, re-fit the wheel and after 50 kilometers re-torque the wheel in order to avoid wheel detachment.

Both of these methods take a lot of time out of the working day where your driver and your vehicle aren’t going anywhere. Therefore you are paying your driver to do nothing.

Solving the down time wastage

I myself have been in the Haulage Industry specialising in off road operations for over 30 years and I know only too well not only the cost implications but how important it is to keep your drivers on the road. With the ClearWheels, your driver can safely remove a caught object as soon as it is detected, in only a few minutes – vastly reducing any down time. In fact it’s so time efficient it would only have to be used once to pay for itself in vehicle downtime!

Order your ClearWheels today for only £69.99 + VAT.

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